Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone and joint problems are extremely common and are a major cause of reduced activity and disability in today’s time. These problems can range from congenital deformities, fractures; diseases such as various types of arthritis, to degenerative conditions.

We, at Horizon Hospital specialise in the care of the musculoskeletal system. We benefit from the varied knowledge and skills of all of our surgeons enabling us to provide comprehensive orthopaedic care which is hugely beneficial to our patients. We are also dedicated to providing compassionate care to our patients.

Bone and joint care is one of our core specialties. The bone and joint program at Horizon Hospital makes it a centre for excellence in orthopaedics with highly skilled clinical expertise. A comprehensive support of Rheumatology Services makes it a complete program altogether. Also, application of Minimal Access Surgery minimizes the extensive drawbacks of surgery - reducing hospital stay, blood transfusion and results in faster recovery.

Horizon has a rapid response service to reach to the patient immediately after call.

Horizon Hospital is empanelled to following TPAs for cashless facility,

Comprising of two ambulances. One is state-of-the-art advanced care ambulance and other is the basic ambulance.

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