Our Strength

Special Aspects of Horizon ICU

  • Horizon has 24 hours attendance of emergency medicine trained doctors, qualified & experience nurses & experienced supervision of critical care consultant to attend to the critically ill patients.
  • Cardiology and Chest Pain Centre
  • Thane Best Super Specialty Hospital
  • International Quality Protocols
  • Patient Centric Approach
  • Patient Means Everything To Us
  • Emergency 24 - 7
  • State of the Art Critical Care Unit
  • Pulmonary Disorder Centre
  • Neuroscience Centre (Qualilife Neuroscience)
  • Bone & Joint Centre

Horizon has a rapid response service to reach to the patient immediately after call.

Horizon Hospital is empanelled to following TPAs for cashless facility,

Comprising of two ambulances. One is state-of-the-art advanced care ambulance and other is the basic ambulance.

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