Omkar Thakur
20 years old Omkar Thakur was in a very critical condition. He had severe bleeding in his stomach. An attempt to stop the bleeding by Gastroscopy did not help. Hence, he was taken to the Cath Lab and Gastric Artery Embolisation was performed. The Bleeding stopped and he was absolutely fit and fine.
A nine months pregnant lady with a narrowed heart valve (Mitral stenosis) was in a danger of heart failure,during her delivery.We performed a Balloon Valvotomy in the Cath Lab and the heart failure was prevented. She delivered normally a week later.
Subhash Roy
45 year old Subhash Roy collapsed with severe chest pain and was rushed to Horizon Hospital.He received Angioplasty within fifteen minutes. Primary Angioplasty in Myocardial Infraction (PAMI) is an International Standard Care, which gave Subhash a new lease of life.
A 70-year old lady came to us with Subarachnoid bleeding in the brain.Angiography.followed by coiling was performed. The bleeding completely stopped and she was perfectly fine to go home the next day.
Mr. Laxman G. Joshi
HORIZON HOSPITAL'S Service, Food and Management is very good. Treatment is also very good. Doctor and nurses are very excellent. Thank you for giving good treatment.
Mrs. Depali J. Tanna
Very much thankful to Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya from the bottom of my heart. All Doctors &nurses are very co­operative and they take proper & minute care of Patients' health .We are also thankful to mediclaim department for their work.
Mr. Swapnil Suresh Masal
Overall experience is good with good service from nursing staff. RMO & Doctor's communication is good & found to be personal & touching feeling of care towards patient is expressed throughout.
Mr. Akshay Raibagkar
Doctors are very good (Excellent) and very kind. We got the BEST TREATMENT here. Also staff is very supportive. Thank you for your support.

Horizon has a rapid response service to reach to the patient immediately after call.

Horizon Hospital is empanelled to following TPAs for cashless facility,

Comprising of two ambulances. One is state-of-the-art advanced care ambulance and other is the basic ambulance.

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